Ubertas secures place on G-Cloud framework

Ubertas Consulting is now an approved supplier on G-Cloud. Ubertas Consulting has been a supplier of assured Cloud services to government organisations for many years.

G-Cloud is one of the largest Crown Commercial Service procurement frameworks within the Digital Marketplace. The G-Cloud framework was developed to encourage the Government’s cloud-first policy, support its drive for digitisation, and transform public sector cloud procurement.

With G-Cloud, on-demand cloud services can be quickly and easily provisioned on short term contracts through the online Digital Marketplace catalogue.

The benefits of purchasing through the G-Cloud framework include:

  • A reduction in the overall cost of procurement
  • Transparent pricing
  • Clear contract terms

Ubertas Consulting G-Cloud framework services and solutions

Ubertas Consulting is an experienced public sector IT services provider, with a proven track record of delivering secure and resilient solutions. We have been providing specialist cloud services via the G-Cloud framework ever since its launch in 2012, and are a trusted supplier across 2 framework lots:

  • Lot 1 – Cloud Hosting
  • Lot 3 – Cloud Support

Ubertas Consulting has a proven track record of supplying services to government organisations, offering a range of cloud services including:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud solution delivery
  • Cloud managed services

In line with the Government’s Information Technology strategy, public sector departments are looking to technology that is fit for purpose and supports civil service reform as they move to concentrate on putting their users first.

Our services, which are available via G-Cloud, so removing the complex tendering and approval process, are already helping a number of public sector clients overcome immediate operational and fiscal challenges and accelerate the launch of citizen-facing digital services.

Consuming cloud and IT services in the right way can deliver assured performance, on-going innovation and best value for Government organisations.

Supporting your Cloud initiatives

Let us concentrate on delivering efficient IT services whilst you concentrate on delivering public services:

  • Flexibility – Scalable services, easily catering for temporary peaks in demand – align IT resources more efficiently and cost-effectively;
  • Reliability & versatility – Supporting multiple Cloud deployment models and the highest levels of availability you have the basis for robust development and assured service delivery to UK citizens;
  • Security – High levels of security allowing public sector departments to meet the needs of end-users whilst still meeting their own operational requirements;
  • Agility – Benefit from services that are quick to deploy and scale, enabling a rapid response to yours and the public’s changing needs;
  • Genuine partnership – Leverage know-how, trust and collaborative working to make optimum decisions around Cloud and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and public services.

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