Cloud Modernisation

Don’t get left behind. Cloud-native services provide the opportunity to modernise your operations, removing the unnecessary burden of traditional IT and unleashing the potential of your organisation.

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Technology strategy is business strategy

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Business Agility

Shift the balance of time spent managing infrastructure to focus on faster delivery of new applications and features.

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Operational Resilience

Utilising managed services and serverless architectures enables organisations to focus on application functionality and innovation.

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Reduce Cost

Optimise and minimise licensing costs, and benefit from technologies that automatically scale from zero to peak demand.

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Ubertas Consulting is recognised by AWS as a leader in Cloud modernisation.

Our competencies as an authorised Migration & Modernise, DevOps and Well-Architected Partner reflect our ability and proven track record to assist organisations modernise. We have assisted hundreds of customers at any stage of their Cloud adoption journey to modernise their operations, from those currently operating on AWS to others in the planning stages of a deployment.

Application Containerisation

Deploy applications faster and more securely.

Containerised architectures provide an accessible modernisation step for organisations looking to leverage Cloud-native services effectively.

Containerisation facilitates the path to application portability, enabling organisations to operate their applications across operating systems. This increases business agility and increases the speed of software innovation.

Containerisation in AWS provides a range of options including managed services and serverless, on demand alternatives to align to your business objectives and application architecture.

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Serverless Architectures

Power innovation and scale faster.

As organisations look to accelerate delivery of high quality applications, many are taking advantage of the serverless operating model as part of their digital transformation efforts.

Serverless architectures eliminate IT overhead requiring no infrastructure to manage, scaling automatically, whilst provide high availability and secure operation.

Organisations benefit from increased agility and greatly optimise costs by modernisation to a pure on demand cost model.

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Database Modernisation

Core to this is selecting the right database for the use-case, preventing data silos, and enabling a single source of truth for distributed applications and data pipelines. Database modernisation provides a means of both increasing the performance and security of your application whilst at the same time reducing operating costs. AWS provides a range of structured, managed and serverless database services to align to your application architecture with tooling to support data transfer.

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