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Define and commence your Cloud adoption journey and take advantage of the right AWS services to support your technology roadmap.

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Many organisations find that designing and building for the 1st time in the Cloud can be a daunting prospect.

AWS has over 200 services to choose from, many of which contain multiple features and configuration options. In-fact AWS provide more options that any other Cloud provider, from typical infrastructure for compute and storage to full managed services in emerging areas such as unstructured database, machine learning, and data analytics.

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Over 20% of customer AWS environments that we review result in changes to the underlying architecture.

These range from minor technology changes to complete redeployment.

Ubertas Consulting has guided 100s of organisations in their initial stages of adopting AWS, from start-ups launching new applications to established business migrating to more modern platforms.

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Architecting for Success

Making the shift to AWS starts with understanding both the existing operating environment and the drivers for change. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework guides this initial thinking through a structured approach.


Build a Well Architected Cloud platform to migrate and modernize existing workloads and form the basis for new Cloud-native solutions.


Achieve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and Cloud workload without compromising security.


Ensure that AWS Cloud services are delivered at a level that meets the needs of your business and that teams are correctly resourced to drive success.


Align the investment in Cloud and transformational goals with business outcomes.


How culture, organisational structure, leadership, existing skills form part of your move to Cloud.


Ensuring that the right organisation is in place to reduce risk and maximise organisational goals.

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Basecamp is a ready-made infrastructure-as-code solution provided by Ubertas Consulting.

This deploys and configures all the fundamental components of an AWS Landing Zone upon which you can then rapidly develop and build your application workloads.

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Rapidly develop and build your application workloads

Launch Fast

A rapid approach to deploying your Landing Zone within AWS Cloud, ready for application deployment.

Launch Securely

Built-in security across your Cloud deployment from the start.

Launch Reliably

A full infrastructure-as-code deployment complemented with automated validation.

Launch Cost-Optimised

Built-in budget alerts within your Landing Zone allow you to proactively monitor Cloud spend.

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Underpin your Cloud operations with best-practice principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework from the outset. Launch smart and understand the concepts, tools, and techniques to successfully build on AWS.

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Our AWS Cloud expertise

Cloud Build & Migration

Assess your readiness to operate in the AWS Cloud and leverage proven pathways, tooling, and best practice approaches to accelerate the journey.

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Cloud Best Practice

Ensure that your AWS environment operates in accordance with best practice and embed a Cloud-native approach into your processes.

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Cloud Management

A service offering based on our experience of working with AWS customers, which brings together a portfolio of services to support organisations.

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