Migration Acceleration

Undertake your Cloud migration with confidence.

Organisations can greatly enhance the effectiveness of any migration to AWS by embedding the Migration Acceleration methodology into their approach. 

  • Assess – Understand technical and organisational aspects of the move to AWS whilst defining the architecture of a future operating environment. 
  • Mobilise – Establish the foundations of your targeted operating environment and refine the options available, through technical iteration, and solidify the plan to migrate. 
  • Migrate – Automate and execute technical and operational aspects of a migration and start to realise the benefits of running on AWS. 
  • Modernise – Understand, design, and implement the use of cloud native concepts, technologies and services into your operating model to drive down cost and increase business flexibility. 

Getting started is risk-free!

Through Ubertas Consulting, an assessment of your operation is no cost, so that you can understand how AWS can support your migration journey.

Take the 1st Step with Ubertas Consulting.

Organisations can understand more about their migration journey and eligibility for the AWS Migration Acceleration Program through the Migration Assessment, an analysis of your options, 100% funded by Ubertas Consulting to ensure there is no cost to starting your journey.

1. Current State

An assessment of your existing environment from both a technical and commercial perspective to generate an understanding of the scope of a potential migration.

2. Define the Future

A representation of a future AWS architecture, embedding security, performance and resilience in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

3. Plan the Path

Learn how the Migration Acceleration Program would support your journey, combining the proven methodology with free tooling and commercial support.

Download the Migration Assessment One-Pager here.

To understand more about the AWS Migration Acceleration Program or schedule an assessment, get in touch via the form below.

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