ABC Digital

“We first engaged with Ubertas Consulting as part of the Well-Architected Framework program. Our technical team really enjoyed the review process, which highlighted opportunities to improve our account’s scalability and security. We continue to work with Ubertas Consulting to accelerate our AWS adoption. The knowledge sharing sessions after each interaction help to further improve the knowledge of our internal team. Ubertas Consulting are now the first port of call for our business when it involves Amazon Web Services.”

Ravi Dani, COO at ABC Digital

About ABC Digital

ABC Digital aggregates music from record labels and independent artists from around the world and licenses it to leading digital stores. These include iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Saavn.


ABC Digital were preparing for new product launches and needed to ensure their systems would be scalable for increased demand.

In addition to scaling, the client wanted to conduct an audit on their account so they would be able to understand the cost implications for increased usage while ensuring their systems were secure.

Thirdly, ABC Digital wanted to increase knowledge throughout their team, requesting detailed information around S3, specifically lifecycle policies, to ensure storage costs could be managed as their new service had a large storage requirement.


To begin, Ubertas Consulting conducted a Well-Architected Framework review, which highlighted some areas to improve within the 5 pillars (operational excellence, performance, reliability, security and cost optimisation).

During remediation, ABC Digital wanted to implement some of the immediate recommendations, primarily around security and auditing. Ubertas Consulting conducted knowledge transfer sessions with the in-house team so they were able to manage ongoing monitoring and adhere to best practices in the long run.

ABC Digital tasked Ubertas Consulting with moving all of their infrastructure in a lift and shift process to a more secure set up that allowed for autoscaling. The process was reviewed closely throughout with daily progress meetings and calls.

Education materials were created for future reference, including how-to guides and knowledge-share videos explaining how to best use AWS.


Ubertas Consulting implemented several recommendations to improve the security, scalability, cost and performance of ABC Digital’s workload. They can add new services to the improved infrastructure with confidence now that a solid Well-Architected foundation has been implemented.

Through the knowledge sharing sessions, ABC Digital has gained an understanding of how AWS systems work, meaning the team can make informed decisions as use of their products increases. They now know how best to use S3 lifecycle policies to ensure cost optimisation is factored into architectural design decisions on future projects.

Overall, this work will allow ABC Digital to scale up their business, increase their service offering, and bring in many more new customers—underpinned by a reliable, secure, and high-performing infrastructure.

The Well-Architected Framework Partner Program

When designing and building Cloud platforms on AWS customers can benefit from the best practices driven from thousands of deployments across and embodied in the Well-Architected Framework. Aligning to the Well-Architected Framework often starts with a review and Ubertas Consulting provide this service to customers at zero charge/cost as our commitment to the program.

Why Ubertas Consulting

Ubertas Consulting is a Cloud consultancy specialising in Amazon Web Services.

As an Advanced Partner, AWS Channel Reseller (Solution Provider Program) and Well-Architected Framework Program Partner, our mission is to assist companies drive innovation and build new capabilities through embracing “Cloud Native” technologies and modernising with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our consultancy services span the breadth of AWS technologies and range from advisory through to full implementation as we assist customers in applying the foundations of Well-Architected to migrate and operate their mission critical workloads in the Cloud.

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