Modernising in AWS: Introduction


Throughout May we will be publishing a series of blog entries on the topic of Modernisation, written by our team of expert Cloud architects. Managing Partner and Co-Founder John Lacey kicks us off with the introduction below, touching on some of the key business benefits.

Modernising your applications to drive growth and reduce TCO

Modernising your business applications is an inevitable aspect of doing business. With AWS, you get to decide on how to migrate your applications and at what pace, leveraging the industry’s most reliable infrastructure with the deepest set of services. When deploying AWS, enterprises can reduce payback periods to 6 months and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 64%.

With AWS your Cloud migration and application modernisation plans are based on your business needs and not agreements or licensing. For example, with AWS you can lift and shift applications, refactor them or fully re-platform them, making the choice that best suits your organisation. Modernising your applications with AWS you can reduce costs, gain efficiencies and make the most of your existing investments.

Drive growth, retire legacy investments and improve your financial posture

Enterprises looking to modernise technology can save money by using AWS as they build new applications and retire legacy solutions. When you plan your Cloud migration to AWS, your organisation can significantly reduce TCO, freeing up resources to focus on the enterprise’s core mission and not in managing servers and buildings. In addition, the hyper-scale, breadth of services and level of automation in AWS can achieve incremental savings, and over time, significant cost optimisation.

When you deploy enterprise solutions in AWS, you can retire expensive legacy infrastructure, reduce costs, gain agility through automation, and free resources to drive innovation, as opposed focusing on undifferentiated work.

Accelerate your migration to the Cloud with a trusted provider

Your business applications are the engines that help run your company, allowing you to make decisions, gain insights, and process valuable data. As part of your digital transformation journey, when you migrate to AWS, you reach new levels of operational efficiency, increased scalability and improved performance. Given this, migration to the Cloud requires a provider with experience in retiring data centres, the right programs and enterprise technologies ready to move applications to the Cloud. AWS offers the Migration Acceleration Program and services to migrate databases, servers and data, giving you the right tools to achieve your Cloud migration.

Maximise the value of your existing investments

As your journey to the Cloud matures, your organisation will want to maximise the value of existing hardware, software and business applications. Part of your digital strategy will likely require that you run hybrid environments and maximise the use of your existing solutions built on Microsoft Windows Server, VMWare Cloud, Oracle, or IBM. With AWS, you can use innovative technology to run all your existing systems on a platform that allows integration with legacy applications and Cloud-native solutions. This gives you the ability to run your most valuable enterprise applications in the Cloud and empower you to get best return from your assets, both legacy, new and everything in between.


John Lacey

Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Ubertas Consulting