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Underpin your digital future with the Cloud

Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. They help power your business by enabling other digital technologies, such as social media, mobility, big data and advanced analytics.

At Ubertas, we do not view Cloud in a vacuum. Rather, we see it as an enabler of your business goals. So, if you’re still talking about the Cloud as something separate from your business rather than talking about solving your business challenges with the latest technologies, it’s time to change the conversation.

Talk to us. Isn’t it time for your business to be a true digital business with all the benefits that entails?


Why Ubertas Consulting?

Ubertas believes that companies are not going far enough when it comes to realising the power of Cloud computing. Technology strategy is business strategy. Cloud today is usually viewed by enterprises as part of a larger strategy, around digital, transformation, costs savings and/or entering new markets. Cloud is an enabler of other strategies.  We offer services that were once thought impossible, to differentiate and innovate. We have the capabilities to go beyond improving a competitive position, by changing the playing field entirely.

Our consulting services

Ubertas consulting services help clients weave Cloud into the fabric of their businesses and deliver everything “as a service” or at the least take a first step in the full transformation. We consult through:

  • Enterprise discovery;
  • Application discovery;
  • Cloud strategy;
  • TCO modelling;
  • Architecture design;
  • DevOps strategy;
  • Security audit;
  • Resilience testing;
  • Performance bench-marking;
  • Operational readiness;
  • Platform usage review;
  • Technology guidance.
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