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The Challenge

Parasense hosted the web services they provide to their customer base on-premises, using mainly HP rack mounted servers, UPSs, back-up and VPN appliances. Underpinning the web services was a proprietary code base and SQL databases. The web services were designed to provide high-level through to low-level views of data collected from both Parasense and third-party equipment within each customer’s network.

Changing database content

Data collection occured every 5 minutes and the received data was stored in the SQL databases before being processed at 15-minute intervals into higher-level data, also then stored in the SQL databases. The result was large and almost constantly changing database content.

In 2019 Parasense developed a new web service platform, hosted entirely in AWS and this was working well, though the Parasense in-house knowledge and experience of working with AWS was limited.

Parasense, a Bacharach company, were faced with a UK site closure, following a business restructuring process undertaken by their parent company; the planned site closure was the summer of 2020. Parasense engaged with Ubertas Consulting via an AWSome Day event in 2019, with a goal of migrating all on-premise web-services related infrastructure into AWS before planned UK suite closure.

The Solution

Following an initial review of the Parasense on-premises environment and associated code and customer equipment networks, Ubertas Consulting worked to plan out a Well-Architected AWS infrastructure to provide the same services at minimum cost and with sufficient resilience and ease of maintenance.

The initial planning phase of the project commenced as part of a Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) conducted in January 2020. The planning resulted in a set of initial designs and an approach to the project which delivered the end-to-end migration over to AWS, and transfer knowledge to the Parasense/Bacharach team.

The delivery of the project was a joint team exercise with clear lines of responsibility:

Planning and Prototyping

Ubertas Consulting delivered the planning and prototyping tasks before completing a base AWS deployment and the migration of VQAM Core, O2 and Whole Foods related environments. Knowledge transfer and training of the Parasense team was also carried out during this activity;


Parasense delivered all remaining workloads including Brookshires, Giant Eagle, Gracechurch, Greenyard; and other internal environments;


Ubertas Consulting performed two (2) Well-Architected Framework Reviews during the course of this project to measure alignment of the target environments to AWS best-practice.

The Benefits

The successful delivery of the end-to-end project delivered a number of technical and business benefits to Parasense:

  • An on-time and on-budget migration from the on-premise platforms over to AWS;
  • Successful knowledge transfer and training activity significantly improve the skill-sets of the Parasense technical team;
  • A best-practice implementation based on the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework;
  • Reduced cost of the underlying applications portfolio;
  • Improved security, resiliency and performance of business-critical applications through the adoption of AWS Cloud services;
  • The building of a true business and technical partnership founded on trust, joint working, mutual understanding, communication and a goal to deliver a world-class solution to host the Parasense applications portfolio taking into account the requirements of their global clients for the continued delivery of exceptional service.

Through a structured process of applying the principles of Well-Architected, Parasense is now well-placed to operate at scale and continue to innovate, evolving their solutions on AWS.

About Parasense

Parasense provides innovative, sustainable solutions to help customers address their refrigerant, energy and resource management challenges. Offering customers the full benefit of industrial knowledge and expertise to help make the most informed decisions, so they can achieve their performance and sustainability goals.

Parasense has achieved a number of industry awards ranging from supplier awards to the military and marine in the United States, to more recent product awards for the Parasense software. The Parasense Refrigerant Management software has been highly commended in the refrigeration industry awards.

Why Ubertas Consulting?

Ubertas Consulting is a Cloud consultancy specialising in Amazon Web Services.

As an Advanced Partner, AWS Channel Reseller (Solution Provider Program) and Well-Architected Framework Program Partner, our mission is to assist companies drive innovation and build new capabilities through embracing Cloud-native technologies and modernising with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our consultancy services span the breadth of AWS technologies and range from advisory through to full implementation as we assist customers in applying the foundations of Well-Architected to migrate and operate their mission-critical workloads in the Cloud.

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