Due to their growing success, MyWorkpapers had reached a point where consolidation of the core technology platform was integral in scaling the organisation.

The Challenge

Instances of the application had grown to operate across Rackspace, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, which introduced irregularities in both configuration and behaviour causing challenges for the team operating and supporting it.

In response, MyWorkpapers set up a strategy to consolidate all their environments, ensure platform consistency and bring cost efficiencies through a migration to a single platform. After carefully evaluating different options for cost, features, and ease of operation, they determined that Amazon Web Services (AWS) was a clear leader for their application. Given the business criticality of their systems, they also wanted to ensure they met and complied with all relevant data security legislation and best practice, as well as ensuring top performance and reliability. To implement these needed changes, MyWorkpapers partnered with Ciklum, an experienced offshore partner providing full stack technical development as well as Ubertas Consulting who provided critical AWS oversight.

The Solution

Following an Ubertas-led, Well-Architected Review of a MyWorkpapers/Ciklum proof-of-concept environment, Ubertas Consulting worked closely with the team to refine their proposed target architecture and ensure it met their security and reliability needs, as well as ensuring sustainable on-going management. The review resulted in a collaborative approach between Ubertas Consulting, Ciklum and MyWorkpapers to ensure the architecture was suitable for their planned migrations and also supported important knowledge transfer to the internal DevOps team.

Ubertas continued working closely with MyWorkpapers throughout their migration program, which culminated in further assistance on verifying migrated workloads to enable them to better target more modernisations of the application within AWS.


The Benefits

As a result of their engagement with Ubertas and Ciklum, MyWorkpapers were able to complete their migration on schedule with confidence, and peace of mind. Furthermore, by consolidating to Amazon Web Services, the team have seen a 30% increase in sprint productivity from the unified Cloud infrastructure and the automations possible within AWS; meaning they are able to dedicate a greater proportion of their time to evolving their application to deliver business value. Importantly, the cost of the equivalent platform is also 25% cheaper and is running 33% faster than its previous counterparts. Overall, the business and its customers are delighted with the results.

MyWorkpapers now has the underpinnings of a Well-Architected AWS platform, documented with infrastructure-as-code, and is well positioned to continue delivering improved functionality to customers by leveraging the many new advances in the AWS ecosystem.

This approach has contributed to strong commercial performance for MyWorkpapers. Growth of more than 1,800 per cent in the last four years saw the firm named in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 2020.

About MyWorkpapers

MyWorkpapers provides a powerful, industry-proven, Cloud-based accounting and auditing solution which enables accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors to boost productivity through paperless workflows and documents. Their application is accredited by recognised industry bodies and integrates with major accounting platforms including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks as well Office365, to support clients in both the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

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Customer Metrics


increase in sprint productivity


Cheaper than the cost of the equivalent platform


faster than its previous counterparts

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