AWS Migration & Modernisation Project

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The Challenge

Mondaq were hosting their customer facing websites and services on AWS following a quick self-migration from a previous datacenter. This was performed as a direct lift and shift, consisting mainly of EC2 instances. After completing this migration, Mondaq were connected to Ubertas Consulting by AWS to receive additional guidance in modernising and future-proofing the platform in order to increase security, operational resilience, data flexibility, and cost optimisation.

The Solution

Following an initial Well-Architected Framework Review of Mondaq’s Current State AWS environment and associated code, with consideration given to future customer requirements, Ubertas Consulting mapped out an infrastructure to provide the same services at minimum cost, with sufficient resilience and ease of maintenance.

The planning phase commenced as part of a Modernisation Viability Assessment. This produced a set of designs steps, comprising the project delivery as follows:

Migration plan

Taking all dependencies and requirements gathered within the assessment phase, Ubertas created a step-by-step migration plan document that identified all the actions to be carried out in sequential order, and which individual(s) were responsible for each of those actions. This document helped all parties align on their responsibilities, provided visibility and helped the migration to proceed seamlessly with minimal disruption to the end-users.


Creating a multi-account structure using AWS Organizations, utilising services like Security, Hub, GuardDuty, and SSO to help automate security posture.


Migrating all application servers from a public to private VPCs to increase security, and performing right sizing analysis for cost optimisation. The latter was also applied in the adoption of the Cloud-native service AWS RDS running Microsoft SQL (when migrating away from EC2 instances hosting the data layer).

The Benefits

Mondaq’s engagement with Ubertas Consulting resulted in their AWS environment becoming Well-Architected, aligning with best practice and leveraging Cloud-native automation.

Where Mondaq previously relied heavily on Provisioned IOPS storage on EC2, adoption of Cloud-native services eliminated this need. RDS ensures that all databases are managed, backed-up and scalable; CloudWatch dashboards provide vital operational information and AWS Back-Up always ensures protection of data assets.

The engagement also helped Mondaq achieve a greater understanding of AWS and recognise its potential to make their environment even more scalable and Cloud-native when looking ahead to future AI and big data projects.


About Mondaq

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Bringing a different model to the market, Mondaq believes that senior decision-makers “seek” knowledge and insight when they need it, from reliable and highly regarded online resources, as well as information being delivered to their inbox.

Recent developments in A.I. (and the addition of an in-house Data Science team) have enabled Mondaq to further improve content delivery to the right audience, at the right time, supported by strong partnerships with leading online resources (including subscription-only services such as Dow Jones, Bloomberg, WestLaw).

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