Migrating to AWS with confidence

Migrating critical applications, infrastructure, operations, and management to the AWS Cloud

More organizations are moving to the Cloud to host their mission-critical applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides increased agility, reduced costs, and improved time-to-market while enabling organizations to deliver enhanced value to their end customers.

Ubertas Consulting works with customers to migrate, modernise and operate their mission critical applications on the AWS Cloud. With a single focus on AWS we assist at all stages of Cloud adoption, helping organisations harness the power of AWS, aligned to the principles of AWS Well-Architected.

Accelerate IT modernization with cloud migration

The cloud provides the ideal environment for IT modernization. Because cloud vendors build elastic compute, networking, and storage infrastructures with a global footprint, your IT team can spend less time on customer needs and more time pursuing differentiating work.

The cloud makes it possible to convert IT investments from fixed to variable, helping you improve cost-efficiency through pay-per-use models. The right cloud partner can provide you with high availability, fast and efficient storage, and strong security—protecting your reputation and your assets. And the cloud can give you peace of mind for the future. You can scale up or down as your needs change, and your provider will take care of any updates and patches, removing the
operational burden from your team.

But before you can take advantage of the cloud, you’ll need to migrate your workloads and applications.

Is it time to migrate?

Here are four questions you should ask as you decide whether to migrate to the cloud:

  1. Is keeping your apps and data on-premises preventing your business from delivering a better customer experience, developing new products and services faster, and ultimately increasing your competitive position and company value?
  2. Are you spending time finding and training skilled professionals to manage, maintain, and provision hardware and software, manage licenses, create and maintain security postures, and ensure compliance for things that could be relocated or replaced in the cloud with fully managed offerings?
  3. Is your current infrastructure delivering the performance and scale needed to keep teams working efficiently? Is your critical business data accessible and delivering the insights your business needs to compete? Are your legacy systems integrated with modern systems to deliver optimal customer experiences?
  4. Does your team have the necessary skills and experience to complete a migration without assistance? Should you engage with a third-party vendor to provide backup and training and help drive your migration? Will working with an experienced provider accelerate the achievement of your migration and modernization goals?

Once you’ve made some decisions about when and what to migrate, you can start crafting the strategy that will guide you through the actual process of migration. But first, it’s important to have a general understanding of that process, how it works, and how it integrates with your broader modernization efforts. This where Ubertas Consulting can help.

Getting started is risk free !!

Through Ubertas Consulting, an assessment of your operation is no cost, so that you can understand how AWS can support your migration journey.

Take the first step with Ubertas Consulting. Organisations can understand more about their migration journey and eligibility for the AWS Migration Acceleration Program through the Migration Assessment, an analysis of your options, 100% funded by Ubertas Consulting to ensure there is no cost to starting your journey.

To take advantage of this free four (4) day assessment enter your details below:

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