AWS Office Hours with Ubertas Consulting

Join a one-to-one session with an AWS expert

Overcoming challenges is in the nature of business. Organisations of all sizes often need to scale quickly, innovate and optimise. On Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses are building, migrating and modernising to respond quickly and effectively to these ever-changing demands.

As an Advanced Partner of AWS, Ubertas Consulting are specialists in helping organisations overcome their technical challenges and reach new heights. Our AWS experts can assist, whether you are just starting out on the cloud, looking to migrate an existing application or need to refactor your architecture to suit cloud-native practices.

Our complimentary, 1:1 sessions give you the opportunity to receive guidance from a qualified AWS expert.

We can support you with:


Take the first steps on your cloud journey with a view to create a best-practise AWS architecture.


Help plan your migration strategy and understand the steps needed to move your business to AWS.


Understand how to leverage the latest cloud native concepts and technologies on AWS, including serverless, containerisation or DevOps optimisation.

Next steps

To book a session and start answering the technical questions on your mind, get in touch with your AWS representative or contact us by submitting the form below:

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