AWS Migration Assessment with Ubertas Consulting

Arrange a no-cost assessment with our AWS migration experts

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) provides a clear pathway to migrate your workloads and modernise operations in the Cloud. An assessment of your operation is provided by Ubertas Consulting at zero cost, so you can understand how AWS can support your migration journey risk free.

Take the first step with Ubertas Consulting. Organisations can understand more about their migration journey and eligibility for the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) through the Migration Assessment, an analysis of your options that is 100% funded by Ubertas Consulting; ensuring your first step to the Cloud is provided at no cost.

Overcoming challenges is in the nature of business. Organisations of all sizes often need to scale quickly, innovate and optimise. On Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses are building, migrating and modernising to respond quickly and effectively to these ever-changing demands.

Next steps

To book an assessment and start answering the migration questions on your mind, contact us by submitting the form below; alternatively talk to your Ubertas Consulting or AWS representative:

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