AWS Cloud Optimisation

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AWS’ breadth of services and pricing options, offer the flexibility to effectively manage your costs and still keep the performance and capacity your business requires. With AWS, you can easily right size your services, leverage Reserved Instances, and use tools to track and monitor your resources so you can always be on top of your how much you’re spending.

AWS also makes many innovative services available at a fraction of the price of on premises solutions. Services like Amazon RDS for Aurora and Amazon Redshift help you run enterprise quality solutions at one tenth of the cost of comparable on-premises solutions.

When you use AWS you can control your spend following a simple set of steps:

  • Right-size your services to meet capacity needs at the lowest cost;
  • Save when you reserve;
  • Use the spot market;
  • Monitor and track service usage.

Let us show you how we can drive down the cost of your Cloud infrastructure by using our our MyCloud platform and optimisation tool-set.

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