AWS Journey to the Cloud Podcast #3: MyWorkpapers

Ubertas Consulting are delighted to feature in the latest ‘Journey to the Cloud’ podcast with AWS Territory Manager, Ronan Doyle, and guest Tim MacKinnon, Head of Technology at MyWorkpapers.

Tim discusses how the company has created a cloud-based solution to digitise and consolidate important accounting data, simplify workflows and increase efficiency – and the important role Ubertas Consulting played during the migration process, conducting a timely Well-Architected Framework Review.

As a result of their engagement with Ubertas, MyWorkpapers were able to complete their migration on schedule with confidence, and peace of mind.

Furthermore, by consolidating to Amazon Web Services, the team have seen a 30% increase in sprint productivity from the unified cloud infrastructure and the automations possible within AWS; meaning they are able to dedicate a greater proportion of their time to evolving their application to deliver business value.

Importantly, the cost of the equivalent platform is also 25% cheaper and is running 33% faster than its previous counterparts.

“I wish that we’d been able to engage with them much earlier in the process.”

Tim MacKinnon, Head of Technology at MyWorkpapers

For more information about this project you can read the case study here.

About MyWorkpapers

MyWorkpapers provides a powerful, industry-proven, cloud-based accounting and auditing solution which enables accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors to boost productivity through paperless workflows and documents. Their application is accredited by recognised industry bodies and integrates with major accounting platforms including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks as well Office365, to support clients in both the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

AWS Journey to the Cloud Podcast

The Journey to the Cloud is a podcast aimed at providing you with everything you need to know about moving to AWS. Each episode consists of two AWS hosts as well as customer guests to discuss their experience with the cloud and moving to AWS. Start listening here.

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